Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in San Antonio is FUN! We had a fun filled day of carving pumpkins and trick or treating. Even Dad got into the fun. He dressed up, put on his roller blades, and had a blast scaring kids! Here is the Mummy pumpkin Aunt Christy carved. This was taken at night so it is lit up!

This is Caleb's happy pumpkin, Christy's pirate pumpkin and my flaming pumpkin.

My flaming pumkin was awesome! We had so many comments on our cool pumpkins, people couldn't even tell if they were real or fake.

Eater even joined in the holiday fun! I spent my own money and bought him a costume too. Isn't he the cutest little bumble bee? He hated it! We put the hood on his head and it covered his eyes, he was running into everything and didn't like it at all!

Here two of the scariest pirates in San Antonio! You better watch out for us, or we might just make you walk the plank!

Caleb is giving a big....ARG! He had a blast trick or treating. He fell off a step, tripped over a dog, and talked forever at every house we went to!

Here is my Halloween costume. It sure was different than anything I have ever dressed up as before, but I liked it and had fun!

We had a lot of fun decorating for Halloween this year. Our Jack-O-Lanterns made the graveyard complete!

Caleb didn't care much for carving pumpkins. He wouldn't touch the gooey stuff inside. His mom carved it for him, but he placed his order for a happy pumpkin and this is what he got. He was proud of the finished product!

Christy was the pumpkin carving pro! She made a total of 3. This is her pirate pumpkin.

Here is my flaming pumpkin. The sun was in just the right place to light it up before dark! Check out my black nails!

Daddy made a girl skull. All the little girls who trick or treated loved it!

Mom made Scooby Doo. Sort of looks like Blue's Clues, but it was fun anyway!

Here is Christy's mummy pumpkin. After she finished her other two, mom and dad said she was so good at it, she might as well make a third one and picked out the mummy! She did an awesome job!

The pumpkin master hard at work.

This is what Caleb did while we carved pumpkins! He was pretending to be a flamingo, because flamingos stand on one foot!

Getting ready for some fun!

Don't we look like trouble for Daddy! Poor guy has to put up with two girls all the time!

Mom put me on some fake fingernails. I figured if I was going to be girly, I might as well go all out!

Another look at our graveyard.

Carving a pumpkin was harder than I thought, but a lot of fun anyway!

Dad had changed oil in his and mom's car earlier. Guess he should have gone as a mechanic for Halloween!

I am proud of my hard work!

Monday, September 21, 2009

4-Wheelin Fun!

Over the weekend, Christy, Caleb, and Megan came over and we took the 4-wheeler behind the house for a ride! Caleb gave me rides, I gave Caleb rides, and Dad took Mom for a wild ride! We had fun! I took Caleb through the mud which I thought was awesome, but Caleb thought it was "eewy!" What kind of boy is he?

Fourth Grade Here I Come!

I really like 4th grade. I have the teacher I wanted, Mrs. Casey. Dad got to take me to school on the first day, and he took some pictures to share with everyone!

Summer Fun!

This summer I had a lot of fun. I went to Ruidoso with my cousins to visit Papa and I went to Carlsbad for a few weeks. After that, I came home to San Antonio and Garret came with me. While we were here, Paige came to visit. It was a fast, fun filled summer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

For my 9th birthday, I had a rockstar party. My grandma made me a really cool cake, and mom and dad decorated the whole house! They even had a poster of me made! It was a sleep over, and my friends and I played rockband and American Idol! We had a blast!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snowboarding in Ruidoso

After Christmas, we went to Ruidoso to visit Papa. Garret, Lynzee, Aunt Tricia, Uncle Gary, and even Coco went! Me, Garret, and Lynzee went snowboarding and Aunt Tricia and Papa skied. Mom, Dad, Uncle Gary, and Coco people watched and made lunch! We had so much fun. My hair was pretty crazy until Mom got there to put in my pony tail! Don't forget to check out the video, because even though I am pretty good at snowboarding now, it is still a good thing Mom and Dad make me wear my helmet!